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Thanks HotDiggedyDemon!

2010-09-18 00:04:13 by HBKaleb

My WGJ4K drawing made it in the fan mail episode. :) Yay! I didnt think it would make it! Thanks again, so much Max! :)

New Drawings!

2010-08-22 11:59:55 by HBKaleb

I finally uploaded all of my drawings. Took me about two hours! I have 20 drawings, except for a few more pieces. I hope you all enjoy them! Thanks!

New Artwork. :)

2010-08-15 05:47:25 by HBKaleb

I love the show Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz, and I love Borderlands. So I thought i would draw this picture. I hope you all enjoy! Sorry the coloring is bad and all. :(